Suitable for a Special Friend, Spouse or Partner

I have sometimes wondered
As people often do,
Why it seems the gifts of God
Go only to the few.
Some people have more money
Than I will ever earn,
There are teachers with more knowledge
Than I could ever learn.
Until one day I realized
God had not forgot,
But I had been too busy,
Counting what I had not.
There are riches in each day we live,
Simple treasures tried and true,
And the greatest of those gifts for me
Was the day that I found you.

Suitable for grandmother's birthday, or on Mother's Day

So many things fade with time,
Pictures, ink and more,
But never treasured memories,
That we knew a person for.
The hand that isn't steady now,
Would rock my cradle slow,
And now that I have grown up,
I thought that you should know
When you held me up and led me on,
I loved you dearest Gram,
In your gentle touch and caring,
Is everything I am.

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