Biography - Terry Smith

A self-proclaimed "Navy baby," Smith, along with her parents and two siblings, counted many a city from coast to coast as home base and finally settled in Jacksonville, Florida. Her family's nomadic lifestyle afforded her the opportunity to meet and interact with a wide range of people and offered her insight into life experiences that differed from her own. As her parents eventually separated and divorced, she would also absorb a great deal about relationships within her own home, fondly recalling, "my Mother loved each of us equally and individually. She shared with us some memorable words of wisdom, mainly, that we should always be strong in our convictions and take ownership of our decisions."

With her free spirit in tow, Smith enjoyed extensive worldwide travels, taking full advantage of the frequent flyer mileage she earned as a perk from her career in the travel industry. In addition to her day job, she moonlighted as an entrepreneur and founded Treats-N-Treasures, a home-sales lingerie business. While making house calls and hosting lingerie parties, Smith soon discovered that many women were involved in unfulfilling relationships and quite often, did not exhibit a positive self-image. "It's difficult to feel confident, wearing lingerie if you don't feel comfortable in your own skin," she notes. "I would remind my clients that although the lingerie was the treat, the treasure was the person wearing the garment. In addition to the responsibilities of running my business, I did my best to make sure that my customers felt good about themselves, and in turn, they enjoyed the products."

Over the years, many people came to Smith for advice with their relationship problems. Prior to listening to their stories, however, she would always begin with one basic request - "let's talk the truth!" At the suggestion of many of her 'students', she began putting pen to paper during 2000 in the hopes of sharing her wisdom with a wider audience. Published and distributed by her own First Press Direct, Teaching the D.I.C. is a 24-chapter, 180-page journey through the dynamics of relationships, with a concentrated focus on the importance (and necessity) of effective communication. Written from a woman's perspective, the book is chock full of personal love stories, both troubling and promising, and offers practical steps to gaining and strengthening communication skills, thus promoting loving, healthy unions.

Along with including countless testimonies from a varied subject pool, Smith has also drawn inspiration from her personal relationship history. Once married, she sites communication as a key component in the mutual decision to divorce. "I have always had a very liberal outlook on relationships and my former husband and I openly discussed our individual wants and needs. I'm certain that we would have not reached our truth had we not honestly communicated with one another," she adds.

Upon catching the reader's attention with the book's bold, brow-raising title, Smith looks forward to garnering a mixed readership, inclusive of both men and women whom are enjoying new or long-term relationships, between relationships and even those whom are nursing their wounds as the result of a broken bond. "After reading the book, I hope that my audience will understand that we are all deserving of the freedom to communicate our needs. By doing so, we can ultimately open the door to owning our choices."

When asked to give voice to the primary source of her own frustration when interacting with a prospective partner, Smith states simply, "Deception. I do everything in my power not to ask for a second chance, therefore, I find it very difficult to deal with folks who say one thing and do another," she says. "Many people live their lives with the false expectation that they will always have a second chance, which is both self-serving and unrealistic." Point well takenů

In addition to her current book project, Smith plans to take her message on the road. Aptly entitled, "Good D.I.C.," the national seminars will feature her own brand of hands-on instruction and also provide a forum for open discussion among participants. With the publication of Teaching the D.I.C. to her credit, Smith is currently at work on her first fiction book, Men Will Lie When The Truth Will Do, which will be published by First Press Direct, Inc. during 2005.

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