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March 10, 200_

Dear Yahoo store owner:

Are you in the process of looking over the past year’s business outcome, and wondering how profits can be improved this year? XXX Office can help!

Consider how much more you would have made in sales, if you’d had trained staff available to field every call or email. People don’ t like to wait for assistance or responses. The Internet provides instant access for their shopping requirements, and they want instant replies to their questions and problems. The answer, is a better customer  service solution.

XXX Office is staffed with mid to top level customer service administrators, not phone operators. They are seasoned professionals who will learn your business, make it their own, and respond to your customers as if they were your own staff, without the cost of full time employees.

Our personnel can handle incoming calls, order taking, messaging, scheduling, invoicing and bookkeeping, all from a remote location using email or a toll free phone service. The fees for Remote Office’s service, pay for themselves in no time, while increasing your customer satisfaction, and the smooth functioning of your day to day business.

Other Yahoo stores are now enjoying the advantages of having XXX provide their customer service needs. How about you?

Feel free to contact me for more details on what  Remote Office can do for  your store. We are here to make your business work better for you.






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XXX Office, Customer Service Specialists

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