Natural Stone Jewelry by Finealta

Finealta Jewelry is pleased to offer their customers, the richness and warmth of natural stone jewelry, as created by Mother Nature and the elements.

Whether your preference is for pastel colors, or the deeper, stronger shades, natural stone jewelry offers a range of choices that are suitable for wearing while dining out, or for casual occasions.

The natural stones used by Finealta, are imported from Europe and Asia, to obtain the very highest quality possible. This allows us to offer you premier quality jades, semi-precious stones, and a host of natural stones that are as interesting in their origins as their colors are complementary to your wardrobe.

Our jewelry features such natural stones as the full range of quartz, jasper in all shades, fossil beads, and the very exciting obsidians, crafted by the heat and power of volcanoes.

Natural stone jewelry has been found as tributes in tombs dating back to Ancient Egypt, and beyond. Primitive man was once attracted by the gleam of unfinished stones such as tanzanite, its brilliance forged by the brush fires of Australia. Eastern Asian countries are famed for the incredibly beautiful jades that are mined there, and turned into natural stone jewelry by their gifted artisans.

We invite you to tour our online store. Visit the "About Our Jewelry" page for an overview of just what goes into the making of natural stone necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Then browse the categories listed by both stone and style of natural stone jewelry.

Our customer service department would be very pleased to answer any questions you may have about the natural stone in our jewelry, pricing, order, shipping, or any other puchase related questions. Feel free to write, or call 1-800-555-1212

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