"Making the written word, speak for you."







How you present yourself, affects how the public perceives you, whether that public is your professor, your clients, or a potential employer. Many people are well-spoken in person, but have trouble when it comes to the written word. Small companies with limited budgets for promotion of their business are limited in their ability to have someone on staff that can address their needs. That's where Carraig Creative can make the written word speak for you.

We offer comprehensive writing services, covering all areas of creative works including:

- trivia
- humour
- historical
- non-fiction
- short fiction
- biographical
- ghostwriting
- health & sports
- keyword articles
- children's literature
- product descriptions
- news/press releases
- columns on all topics
- hobbies & entertainment

We also provide proofreading and full or partial editing of your written works including:

- speeches
- brochures
- dissertations
- advertisements
- academic works
- homework assignments
- fiction and non-fiction books

With more than 32 years of experience in multi-media publishing, Carraig Creative has the writing and editorial skills as well as the research expertise to make your material speak directly to its target audience. We deliver professional results within your specified time frame, with quick turnarounds for emergency assignments.

If you are a student, a new author, or a business that needs to outsource its writing and editing requirements, then Carraig Creative is the answer. We accept both single assignments and ongoing projects, with terms according to the work needed. Feel free to browse the site, and visit the Services section to see just what we can do for you. Carraig Creative Writing and Editorial Services are here to make your words speak for you.

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